MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water

MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water

MILK MAKEUP Cooling WaterFact: if you tell me a beauty product is sold out because of “tons of buzz”, my gotta-have-it meter skyrockets faster than you can say MILF Money. This brings us to my current infatuation: MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water.

MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water’s sleek aqua blue tube immediately caught my eye. Couple that with some dreamy adjectives like “soothing”, “firming” and “refreshing” in the product description, and I was sold. A few taps on my Sephora app and 3 days later, I discovered that the buzz surrounding this little tube was for real.

MILK Cooling Water wins big time in the multi-use department. Key ingredients include caffeine, sea water, and glycerin. Swiping this gel stick under my eyes is a favorite part of my morning routine as it reduces puffiness [in a major way] + leaves my under-eye area feeling hydrated + bouncy. Plus, the glycerin in MILK Cooling Water makes it a killer makeup primer. Apply Cooling Water all over your face before makeup, and you’ll see that pores/fine lines/imperfections are softened + your foundation virtually melts into your skin.

MILK bills itself as a beauty brand for girls who “do their makeup quick”, and while that isn’t exactly true for me [I savor every moment], I love that this quick-fix stick doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to luxe results. Thanks to MILK MAKEUP’s Cooling Water, I now have plenty of MILK items on my wish list.

Tell me: have you tried MILK yet? What are your thought?

* [FYI: if you really want to experience a cooling effect with this product, keep it in your fridge. I’ve found that if kept room temperature, MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water doesn’t exactly “cool” your skin.]


Flower Power: Calendula

kiehls-calendulaCalendula is an oil extracted from the marigold flower, and is packed with of lots beneficial properties. Calendula cleanses, soothes, neutralizes irritation, and is a natural antiseptic. 

Over the years, calendula has been used to treat everything from snake bites to acne, menstrual cramps to pink eye, sunburn to eczema. In fact, In a recent study, calendula ointment was used on women undergoing radiation treatment following breast cancer surgery. The calendula ointment soothed the patients’ skin irritation and reduced pain. HOW DOPE IS THAT?!

Kiehl’s Calendula Toner is one of those products that never goes out of style. Developed in the late 60s as the alcohol-free answer to Andy Warhol’s beloved Blue Astringent Lotion, Kiehl’s Calendula Toner contains hand-inserted calendula petals. This toner is very mild, yet effective, and unlike other toners, never dries out my skin. I depend on Kiehl’s Calendula Toner to calm my acne-prone skin, control oil, and refresh my skin.

A newbie to Team Calendula is Kiehl’s Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash. Prescribed for those with normal to oily skin types, this cleanser is right up your alley if you adore a sudsy face wash. I’ve been bringing this babe to the gym with me in the morning, and post-workout, this cleanser is as refreshing as it gets. This cleanser is soap-free so it won’t dry out your skin, however, if you have drier skin, I’d recommend trying a different cleanser than this one.

Shiseido Pureness Cleansing Fluid

Shiseido 'Pureness' Foaming Cleansing FluidFriends with oily skin, take note: Shiseido Pureness Cleansing Fluid deserves a forever-home in your skin care routine. About 3 weeks ago at the Nordstrom Beauty Spot, a Shiseido aesthetician and I bonded over the buzzkill that is hormonal acne. At the time, I had a nasty flare up on my chin (per usual), and she gave the best advice: Get back to the basics. With a bajillion masks, serums, oils, and creams out there, all of which are gorgeously packaged, it’s easy to forget how effective the right cleanser can be.

Shiseido Pureness Cleansing Fluid transforms from a slippery liquid to a light as air foaming cleanser with just 1-2 pumps. With a healthy dose of salicylic acid, this cleanser rids pores of bacteria causing impurities, and leaves my skin feeling super clean & silky smooth.

Since introducing a few changes + Shiseido Pureness Cleansing Fluid to my routine, my skin’s texture and clarity has noticeably improved. Here’s what I’m doing differently these days…

1. Wash face AM + PM.

I’ve gone back and forth on this tip for YEARS. Recently, though, I’ve realized that starting my day with a clean slate (minimal oil + bacteria) is the way to go. Since adopting this tip more full-time with Shiseido Pureness Cleansing Fluid, afternoon breakouts have majorly diminished. Keep in mind, I’m #blessed with oily skin, so AM + PM might be too much for some. However, if you are an oily skin ally, try this method!

2. Consistency is key!

Have you ever started a new cleanser, thought things were going super well, and then you’re shocked to discover that your skin actually got WORSE virtually overnight? This whole song + dance used to prompt me to quit a cleanser, and go back to an old stand-by. LISTEN TO THIS (caps lock appropriate): If a cleanser makes your acne worse before it gets better, that means that your cleanser is WORKING. Effective cleansers, especially ones with salicylic acid, rapidly age zits. From the frighteningly huge pimple to microscopic baby acne bacteria, an effective will speed up the aging process, meaning that your huge pimple will dry up quicker, and baby microscopic acne will come to the surface. The most important thing to remember is that once you kill off the itty bitty acne, the viscous acne cycle will die along with them!

3. Toner = Your friend.

In my experience, toner has always been a polarizing product. Some say you absolutely need it, others say that it’s okay to skip this step. My new skin care policy is to keep acne causing bacteria away as much as possible, and for me, the best way to do this is to use a toner, day + night. Kiehl’s Calendula Toner and Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion have really helped in the department!

Which skin care product do you use on a consistent basis that keeps your skin in check? 

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate


Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation ConcentrateFor the record, I don’t endorse masking our flaws. Those adorable freckles, your unruly curly hair, that dimple on your chin: all these features bring a unique character to your face that can’t be copied. That’s what makes celebrating individuality awesome and so much fun.

Unfortunately, acne, redness, and uneven skin tone remain on the F-List of acceptable unique flaws worthy of an Allure pictorial. Bummer for me, because once a month, I’ve got hormonal acne in spades. So what’s a girl to do? How do I disguise some obnoxious skin issues, while also staying true to what makes me me. Let’s lean in…

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate. It used to be that full coverage + lightweight = oxymoron. Not anymore. Marc Jacob Beauty’s full coverage foundation let’s women have it all (in a foundation, at least). This liquid foundation packs such a punch in the pigment department, all one needs are a few dabs applied with the dot applicator.

marc jacobs remarcable full cover foundation concentrate

I am so impressed by the coverage I get from seemingly the ittiest-bittiest amount of product. Seriously, this foundation makes your concealer (almost) obsolete. Marc recommends using this brush from his line to buff Re(marc)able Foundation Concentrate into your complexion, but I’ve found that this buffing brush by budget-friendly Real Techniques gets the job done, and done well.

The coverage is why I picked up this innovation, but what I love most about Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate is how it completely conceals imperfections without feeling like a heavy, caked-on mask. Coverage is buildable, so I can amp it up for a night out, but I can also keep it sheer for everyday-use in the office. Honestly, I kind of can’t imagine my life without this foundation right now.

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate is $55 at Sephora and comes in 21 shades.

Do you have a full coverage foundation on stand-by for events or nights on the town? Or do you keep your foundation routine consistent, regardless of where your feet take you?