MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water

MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water

MILK MAKEUP Cooling WaterFact: if you tell me a beauty product is sold out because of “tons of buzz”, my gotta-have-it meter skyrockets faster than you can say MILF Money. This brings us to my current infatuation: MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water.

MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water’s sleek aqua blue tube immediately caught my eye. Couple that with some dreamy adjectives like “soothing”, “firming” and “refreshing” in the product description, and I was sold. A few taps on my Sephora app and 3 days later, I discovered that the buzz surrounding this little tube was for real.

MILK Cooling Water wins big time in the multi-use department. Key ingredients include caffeine, sea water, and glycerin. Swiping this gel stick under my eyes is a favorite part of my morning routine as it reduces puffiness [in a major way] + leaves my under-eye area feeling hydrated + bouncy. Plus, the glycerin in MILK Cooling Water makes it a killer makeup primer. Apply Cooling Water all over your face before makeup, and you’ll see that pores/fine lines/imperfections are softened + your foundation virtually melts into your skin.

MILK bills itself as a beauty brand for girls who “do their makeup quick”, and while that isn’t exactly true for me [I savor every moment], I love that this quick-fix stick doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to luxe results. Thanks to MILK MAKEUP’s Cooling Water, I now have plenty of MILK items on my wish list.

Tell me: have you tried MILK yet? What are your thought?

* [FYI: if you really want to experience a cooling effect with this product, keep it in your fridge. I’ve found that if kept room temperature, MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water doesn’t exactly “cool” your skin.]

  • This MILK stick sounds awesome. I’m buying one because I can’t remember the last time my eyes didn’t look like Wednesday Adams’ eyes.

    • it is super awesome! plus it’s just $24, which isn’t too bad considering i’ve slathered it all over the face almost every day for the past month and i haven’t made a tiny dent just yet. if you buy it, let me know how you like!