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CoverGirl // Look It's Lava!
TURNT for CoverGirl Lip Lava

Whether smooching your man, a handsome stranger, or a magazine cut-out of Leonardo DiCaprio circa 1997, sexy, glossy lips are nothing to skip on Valentine’s Day. I love a classic matte red as much as the next girl, but lately,

Spring Lip Color 2015

Just because Chicago’s wind chill dipped 30 degrees BELOW zero last week, doesn’t mean that I can’t have a spring state of mind. “SPRING IS COMING” has become a favorite mantra because positivity is key when your eyelashes are icicles. Thankfully, the

Revlon Really Red
Really Red, Really Unstoppable

I don’t know what it is about red lipstick, but when the holidays arrive, I’m like a moth to a towering inferno of melting credit cards. Visions of Tom Ford’s Ruby Rush and Flame lipsticks dance round my skull in a coven-like

Vamp Lip Colors
Vamp is the New Red

I can’t remember exactly when and where I fell in love with this season’s hottest beauty trend, but since then, I cannot stop ogling vampy, goth lips. As a child of the 90s, I wasn’t old enough to partake, but

7 Lip Balms Under $7
7 Lip Balms Under $7

It’s about that time, folks: chapped lip season. Truth be told, I’ve never been crazy into lip balm, and only just got into a steady routine. (Yes. My life is that boring, so yeah, this is news.) I texted several pals the

Brand Love: Revlon
Brand Love: Revlon

“Reva-reva! Reva-reva! REVLON.” Am I the only one that remembers those sassy Cindy Crawford Revlon commercials from the 90s? Cindy may have graduated to infomercial fame (with her guy Dr. SeBAHHHGGG) but Revlon’s memorable campaigns brought supermodel beauty to the