MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water
MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water

Fact: if you tell me a beauty product is sold out because of “tons of buzz”, my gotta-have-it meter skyrockets faster than you can say MILF Money. This brings us to my current infatuation: MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water. MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water’s sleek aqua blue tube immediately caught my eye.

Flower Power: Calendula

Calendula is an oil extracted from the marigold flower, and is packed with of lots beneficial properties. Calendula cleanses, soothes, neutralizes irritation, and is a natural antiseptic.  Over the years, calendula has been used to treat everything from snake bites

Shiseido Pureness Cleansing Fluid

Friends with oily skin, take note: Shiseido Pureness Cleansing Fluid deserves a forever-home in your skin care routine. About 3 weeks ago at the Nordstrom Beauty Spot, a Shiseido aesthetician and I bonded over the buzzkill that is hormonal acne. At the time, I

Beauty From The Block

Truth be told, I rarely venture south of River North. My apartment is in Wrigleyville and my office  sits proudly across the street from the ever-iconic Rock N Roll McDonalds. Forever 21 CUBBIES fans trapped in adult male bodies AND a surrealist frog sculpture peering down

My Eye On: Cleansers

The right cleanser doesn’t just improve your complexion, but your confidence, too. When my skin looks great, I feel great, and for lack of a better word, feeling great + looking great is GRRRRR-EAT! [if we follow Tony the Tiger’s philosophy

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Duo
While You Were Sleeping

Prevention is the best medicine. A little bird (by way of Perricone MD) once told me, “The earlier you begin an anti-aging skin regimen, the less wrinkles you’ll develop as you get older”. This piece of sage advice really stuck

Turnabout! Men’s Skin Care

It’s come to my attention that we, as women, spend lots of time immersing ourselves in the latest skin care trends, but not much time educating our man-friends on how take care of their skin. Unless your guy is metrosexual, I suspect that

That’s Mass A-Peel…

A luxurious spa day sounds heavenly, but unfortch my budget doesn’t really allow for monthly facials. Unless you’re Queen “Diamond Cream Facials” Bey, my guess is that your checking account doesn’t either. Sigh. Lucky for us, though, sporting a gorgeous glow and living

echo vie
Chicago Native: echo vie

I love to discover new beauty brands, especially ones that are homegrown in Chicago! Kelly O’Brien, my blogger pal behind Snapshots of Wellness, has shared rave reviews on Chicago brand, echo vie. It is an all natural beauty line created by Chicago makeup artist and

Mario Badescu Skin Care Review
I Love You, Mario Badescu!

I know that Mario Badescu has been zapping zits and taking names since 1967, but forgive me skin care gurus, for I am a late bloomer! I’ve read countless positive reviews on Mario Badescu skin care, and my skin care

Neutrogena Acne Spots from 2001
Throwback Beauty Thursday!

Welcome to the first edition of Throwback Beauty Thursday on A Cheeky Fox! Do you remember what age you were when you got your first zit? Better question – what age did you first learn what a “zit” was? A